General Counsel Services

“General counsel services from a former general counsel.”

Practice shows that it is generally not cost-effective for a company to hire in-house counsel until the company reaches the $10 million annual revenue mark, employs over 250 employees or has a highly regulated or complex business. Small and medium sized companies simply do not have enough legal work to justify a fulltime in-house legal position. Instead, these companies necessarily prioritize their limited resources on advancing key skills in order to rapidly scale their business.

Nonetheless, in an increasingly complex business and compliance environment, dedicated counsel brings strong technical skills, good business judgment and collaborative management skills critical to company growth. If you're in business, having an experienced lawyer isn't a luxury; it's a necessity.

As a former general counsel, Ms. Diamond provides legal expertise on a wide variety of topics to growing companies including corporate law (incorporation, corporate documents, etc.), capital funding, drafting contracts, privacy policies, business strategy and operations, HR policies and intellectual property protection. With two decades of experience working as an in-house attorney, Ms. Diamond is uniquely qualified to provide efficient and effective expertise in all of these areas while employing a "yes, if" rather than a "no, because" approach to serving her clients.  Ms. Diamond educates and trains each client, providing customized start-up kit packages of contracts, forms and operational process documents, so that they build an understanding of the legal process within the context of their organization and become more self-reliant as their business grows.  She further assists clients in proactively incorporating litigation avoidance strategies into their business planning. As a company grows, Ms. Diamond adapts to meet the company’s changing needs, working creatively and quickly to provide pragmatic services.  Whether the company faces contract negotiations, commercial disputes, or strategic training needs, Diamond Legal Group offers quality legal counsel to protect company interests.

General Counsel Services

Ms. Diamond offers a General Counsel Services program specifically designed for small to midsize businesses. The program provides consistent involvement (available for a particular number of hours per month) of legal counsel in ongoing operations, while effectively managing legal costs. Some of the aspects of the highly customized General Counsel Services are:

  • Specific guidance on transactions, including reviewing, structuring, negotiating, drafting, and closing business or real estate transactions (with optional use of General Counsel title for negotiations and correspondence).
  • Creating customized start-up kit package of contracts, forms and process documents for cross-company transactions, operation, policies & procedures.
  • Addressing employment issues, vendor issues, business strategies, dispute resolution and document review.
  • Developing and presenting on-site and remote/web-based informational training seminars to managers and staff of all levels on legal and compliance matters, such as:
    • Protecting Your Intellectual Property When Key Employees Leave
    • Tweet Responsibly: Maximizing Social Media While Minimizing Risk
    • Sales Promises that Lead to Revenue not Lawsuits
    • What’s an MOU Anyway?
    • The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: 6 Steps to Resolving Commercial Disputes Without Lawsuits
    • Inventing for Dollars: Establishing a Low Cost Company Invention Program that Work
    • Easy Compliance For Irreverent Innovators and Busy Entrepreneurs
    • Company Emails – Say What you Mean & Stay Out of Court.
  • Providing telephone consultation & on-site consultation

Under the General Counsel Services program, a company is allocated a certain number of hours per month, based on a flat fee that reflects an attractive discount from normal billing rates. If monthly use exceeds the number of hours agreed upon, a discounted hourly rate applies to a material increment of any additional representation. If monthly use does not exceed the number of hours agreed upon, any shortfall is carried over on a month to month basis up to the conclusion of the term. Flexibility to meet the needs, and further the objectives, of the client's business is the key.  The needs of a start-up will be different than the needs of a mid-sized company.  Ms. Diamond has served as General Counsel for both such entities and understands the unique need for efficient and effective counsel.

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