“Kristin was an awesome business partner and negotiator. Kristin's pragmatic, results oriented focus and "legal compass" made it possible for us to enter into business arrangements that were beneficial for both the customer and us. I would work with Kristin again in a heartbeat.”
M. Mehrtens, CPA

“Kristin is probably the most enjoyable lawyer you’ll ever work with. She’s a great source of legal and business information and is always willing to share as much as she can. Plus, her personality is so upbeat and positive it’s impossible not to get excited about your own business just talking to her. She’s helped me with so many of my company’s pressing issues, from personnel conflicts, to business contracts to critical strategic planning.”
H. Hill, President, HH Logistics

“Kristin is focused on finding constructive ways to meet the business objectives while also ensuring the legal aspects are addressed. Kristin is a hard worker who is willing to do what it takes to meet deadlines and help the business move forward.”
Dave Sheppard, President at Ontogenesis Business Consulting

“I personally worked with Kristin to complete several large business development agreements with national and regional enterprises. She has consistently met every challenge and overcome them in both her personal and professional life. Kristin is an accomplished distance runner and channels that same mental toughness into everything she takes on. She can always be counted on to finish what she sets out to accomplish.”
Mike Wentz, Vice President, Operations

“Kristin is a creative problem solver. When a deal demanded we accommodate the needs of a licensee, she would craft a solution that protected the University's interests while getting the deal done. I could rely on her to help solve a problem when I was stuck. I especially appreciate Kristin’s willingness to teach me the motivation for the process at hand. These teaching moments helped me to work smoothly and efficiently with her.”
Ted Weverka, Licensing Manager

“Kristin is a great professional - very focused, business oriented, has helped through tough negotiations to close on all legal items in a very positive spirit - always ready to support business requirements in a timely and efficient manner.”
Michaela Ferrato, Head of EMEA DBS Strategic Sales

“Kristin is a multi-dimensional commercial lawyer with a tremendous work-ethic and a knack for understanding issues in entirety. She has the ability both to work one-on-one with interlocutors from sales or engineering, and a grasp of complex commercial negotiation involving large teams.”
S. Banerjee, CTO/VP Eng/VP PM, infrastructure tech.

“If you’re reading this then you recognize the importance of doing your due diligence and have found a lawyer who does too. Kristin is everything you could ask for in a small business attorney–knowledgeable, straightforward and friendly. Unlike other attorneys I have worked with, Kristin never gives me the impression that my business is too insignificant to merit her full attention. She’s the best legal investment I’ve ever made.”
B Watts, President, Watts Marketing

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